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Weekend Additions: January 9, 2015

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Looking ahead

On Sunday, Pastor Saxton will share a message entitled “The Secure, Eternal Glorification of God’s People” from Romans 8:28-30 at our Morning Worship and another called “How Should I View My Pastors?” from Acts 20:28-31 for the Evening Service. We will officially welcome the Merkles for their first Sunday at HBC!

Baby Recognition

We will have a special Baby Recognition in the morning service next week, Sunday, January 18 for babies 18 months old and younger. Please sign up in the hall across from the Church Office.

Progressive Dinner 2015

Progressive Dinner 2015

“We started the year traveling, talking, and eating at HBC at our annual Progressive Dinner held on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2015. We thank that Lord for many opportunities for fellowship, connecting about life and general and fellowshiping around what God is doing. Thanks to all who helped make it a success, especially the hosts for their time and …” Read more.

Library location

Last weekend, the church library was moved to A-5, the smaller space just off the Assembly Room. Just so you are aware, it will be informally closed for a few weeks as things are relocated and reorganized. We’ll keep you updated on progress and appreciate your patience! See Stephanie Champion if you need anything specific. You may temporarily return books to the Church Office.

Care for Ken Dockery

Please be in prayer as Ken Dockery, our missionary to Cleveland, OH, is in the process having some important tests and upcoming heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Feel free to visit his CaringBridge site at to receive various updates.

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Striving to honor Christ by strengthening

believers in the faith, sharing the gospel

with the lost, and standing for the truth

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