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Weekend Additions: February 13, 2015

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Looking ahead

In our Sunday morning worship, Pastor Saxton will share a message entitled “Every Believer’s Testimony of God’s Love in Christ” from Romans 8:38-39. For the evening service, we will have the blessing of members from Truth Bible Church as our guests. They will provide special music and some testimonies, and Pastor Dave Field will preach the sermon.

Thoughts from Pastor Saxton on Wedding and Baby Showers

Next Saturday, February 21st, HBC will host its first shower for the year, Crystal Rasmussen’s baby shower. And it looks like we have many more baby and wedding showers coming soon! As members of a church, we have the opportunity to think about and create events like these in special ways that unbelievers simply can’t. We live and love together on a spiritual level, we have the same heavenly Father, we share eternal destinies, and we aim for the preeminence of Christ in all we do.

So when it comes to these sorts of celebrations, you can choose to attend based on the opportunity to bless the recipient of the shower, not just your first-hand knowledge of the person. Showers provide an opportunity to encourage and invest in the young people of our assembly as they experience some of life’s most exciting events. Even more than the physical gifts, what a blessing it is for a lady to know she can count on your prayers as she begins the journey of Christian marriage or motherhood! Additionally, realize that you may be able to be a blessing to others who attend a shower by your service and words of fellowship. While time or financial considerations may prevent you from attending each and every shower this year, I hope you will consider these events as golden spiritual opportunities to share the love of Christ.

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