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Special Offering: GCCS Technology Needs

Special Offering: GCCS Technology Needs

We will have a special offering on the fifth Sunday of April, the 30th, for some much-needed technology improvements at GCCS, including internet upgrades and classroom technology. All gifts in our offerings in both services on April 30th will go for this purpose, unless otherwise designated. Amanda Harker, GCCS 6th grade teacher, presented the use and needs for this technology in our service last Sunday. Here is a summary.


Technology is a vital tool in today’s educational world.  The 21st century student has been immersed in technology since they were toddlers – it is their world, and they love it.  When teachers capitalize on that interest in all things electronic, we capture their attention and help transfer some of that love to learning.

The use of technology increases the student’s excitement toward learning.

  • After a break from using PowerPoint in the classroom, the students were very excited to see a new presentation.
  • Use of remote controlled voters send real-time information on student understanding straight to the teacher’s computer. This gives the teacher an immediate view on classroom comprehension.
  • An touch screen board provides interactive lessons and reviews which generates enthusiasm among the students.


Technology not only increases their excitement, but it also improves their learning/performance. A study was conducted at Gloucester by gathering volunteers from the 5th and 6th grade classes to come for instruction on an extra-curricular topic during their recess break.

  1. The volunteers were divided into two evenly balanced groups based on their academic performance, grade, and gender.
  2. The first group was taught using traditional teaching methods and the second group was taught using technology. All possible differences between the sessions were ruled out so that the only variable was technology.
  3. Both groups were give an identical series of quizzes.
  4. The first quiz was easier and the results showed that the use of technology improved the students’ success.
  5. The results of a harder quiz with the same groups also provided evidence that technology improved their success.


There are more technology-related teaching tools and methods that we could use.  Before they would work at GCCS, we would need to implement some improvements. We need to keep our school desirable by staying current in modern resources and advancements. We have heard in several messages recently how important Christian education is.  However it is important to ensure that getting a Christian education never means getting a lesser education.  It is our ministry, and we are responsible to God for it. This is our mission field at home; let’s make sure we are good stewards of what God has placed in our care.


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