Biblical Virtues

The Glory of God is the aim of HBC

God is always the most important to please in all that we do. Thus, we can only love people rightly, as we follow after the greatest command to love God supremely. As His governing attribute, God’s holiness will be the benchmark in choices of ministry philosophy including associations, maintaining a reverent, yet joyful, worship style, ministry excellence, and fervent, dependent prayer for God’s help and blessing.  It is through prayer that we will have our hearts properly dependent on Him as we seek the Lord’s will.

The Grace of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of HBC

Proclaiming the hopeless, spiritually-bankrupt character of fallen humanity also leads us to hold high the gracious, redemptive work of God in drawing sinners to the cross. We want God’s undeserved kindness and full forgiveness in Christ toward us to be seen in how we generously give, freely forgive, graciously speak, sacrificially serve, and practically care for others. We strive to be fervent in our practice of Christian love.

Biblical Truth is the foundation of HBC

God’s Word is our final authority and must be treated with utmost respect and submission. Understanding that God’s truth in our soul is our greatest daily need, we desire God’s Word to be ministered to every attender of our church and school in a theologically accurate, simple, and practical way. We want to be a biblically-literate ministry that is fed on God’s Word regularly by means of earnest expository preaching, well-prepared Bible classes, fervent personal devotions, and joyful family worship.

Discipleship into Christlikeness is the activity of HBC

We will perpetuate an environment of making disciples of Jesus Christ with accountability on the basis of loving relationships. We want to cultivate a spirit of family warmth, where loving and challenging relationships attract God’s people to be faithful and personally involved in the lives of others. We want to always have an eye on encouraging and developing the future members of the church to grow in the grace of God. We believe that as the body of Christ speaks the truth to each other in love, a true spiritual unity will occur.

Evangelism is the work of HBC

We want to truly have a great commitment to the great commission, proclaiming the good news about forgiveness in Jesus Christ alone. We will measure each opportunity for engagement with our community by its evangelistic potential. Both corporate and individual evangelistic effort will be balanced by a reliance on God’s work in salvation and a sense of urgency knowing that, “today is the day of salvation.” We will challenge people to be saved rather than brow-beating them into a decision.

Purity is the protective guard for HBC

Rather than seeking to imitate the culture in order to win them, we seek to show by our godly lives that we have been supernaturally changed by the Holy Spirit. We will actively encourage total separation from sin or biblical compromise and maintain hearts that live fully to do God’s will. While freely enjoying God’s creation and living “in the world, but not of the world,” we will avoid ensnaring habits of our culture, maintain a modest spirit, and always measure our personal decisions by the holiness of God’s own nature.