Sunday School

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" - 2 Timothy 3:16

Current Sunday School Class Offerings

The weekly Sunday School program serves as the primary educational ministry at Hardingville and involves focused Bible teaching for all ages. The Adult program typically consists of four different electives each quarter, and teachers for the children and teen classes typically rotate every other quarter. The following classes are currently being offered this quarter at Hardingville

  • Significant Lessons from the Life of Solomon – Ladies’ Class

    Significant Lessons from the Life of Solomon will be a series of studies from 1 Kings.  We will observe the life of Solomon from his days before he became king until his death.  We will observe his wise decisions, his accomplishments, his relationship with God, and his foibles.  We will also observe some interesting parallels to Christ, the future kingdom, and to our lives as Christians. Teacher:  Liz Franklin This class will meet in the Assembly Room. 

  • Biblical Philosophy of Work

    In this class we will be examining the Biblical concept of work, starting with God's work at creation and following through to the New Testament's instruction to believers about work ethic. We will discuss the impact of the Fall on our work as humans, the ultimate purpose of work in this world, and the subordination of our employment and career choices to God's calling. We will also be continually challenged from God's Word to find eternal meaning in every avenue of work and service that we undertake. Teacher: Ben Patterson This class will meet in A-6

  • Major Profits from the Minor Prophets

    Apart from the account of Jonah and a few scattered verses, the Minor Prophets may be some of the least familiar in the entire Bible. Filled with stormy words of judgment, you may be afraid to crack open the dark doors of these brief sermons. But don’t let that fear keep you from a weekly study where we will safely unfold the rich messages of these books, one at a time. The Minor Prophets do indeed hold some of the sternest warnings in Scripture. But they also contain some of the most treasured gems of God’s inspired Word. Words of mercy, love, hope, and restoration are sprinkled throughout these books. Most importantly, the Minor Prophets call rebels to repentance away from the just judgement of a holy God and into the warmth

  • Youth Class Assignments

    Our Sunday School program for children and youth consists of classes directed towards specific age groups.  Children from age 2 through 6th grade gather in the E-1 to sing a few songs, recognize birthdays, and pray before heading to their individual age group classes. The teens currently meet in B-11  for a time of announcements, songs and a short challenge from God's Word before being dismissed to their classes. Join us!