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Looking ahead On Sunday, Dr. E. Allen Griffith will speak for both our Morning Worship and Evening Service. He will share some about his ministry, Biblical Family Ministries, in the AM.   FFBC S.T.A.M.P. Our Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches will be sponsoring the next Short Term Apprentice Missionary Program trip to Newfoundland, Canada from July 10-23, 2015. Pastor and Mrs. Craig Griffith will lead

December 8
Back Page: December 9, 2012

     There is a mail box near the church office for Christmas Cards that you may want to send within the church family.  Please alpha sort and rubber band them before putting them in the box. There is also a place for you to post a Christmas  Card to the HBC family. CD’s of all messages are available; just use the

November 30
Friday Notes: November 30, 2012

A Few Notes to the Family: The King’s Kids will meet tonight from 7-9; the Royal Store will be open.   The Jr. High teens will also meet. Pray for the men who are at Tri-State today and tomorrow.   A group went up to help with the storm clean-up. Men’s Breakfast tomorrow at 8 AM. As we look ahead to Sunday, Pastor Terry will speak

November 3
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Election Day draws nigh.   “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his  country.”    - Samuel Adams, Founding Father Be an informed voter and pray before going to the polls. Vote your conscience; who best represents your

October 27
Back Page: October 28, 2012

     Liz and I are with the Smiths at Cherry Flats Baptist Church near Mansfield, PA, today.  Pastor Ken asked if I would come and do a prophecy conference Fri-Sun and for Liz to speak at a ladies’ brunch.  We look forward to fellowship with Ken and Janel.  They are doing a good work there in that part of the

October 20
Back Page: October 21, 2012

      Pastor and Liz will be attending two days of the American Council of Christian Churches Convention in Kingsport, TN, this week.  The ACCC is the only Fundamentalist council of churches of its kind.  A brochure of the annual meeting is posted.   This is always a time of good fellowship with men of like precious faith and a time of

July 7
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     The VBS adventure begins tomorrow!  Many have been busy with the preparations for the IncrediWorld Amazement Park.  Invite some children from your community to VBS.  If they need transportation, call the church – we will be running vans. There is still time to register for camp at Tri-State:          Junior Camp, July 23rd   Several from HBC are attending this week; register

June 12
Back Page: June 10, 2012

    Pastor will do a few two-part series of messages again this summer - the first being Sunday, June 24th.  The format will be:  the Sunday AM sermon and a further 20 minutes on the same subject at the 6 PM service followed by a Q & A session on the study for the day.  The June 24th study will be

May 12
Back Page: May 13, 2012

     Last Friday, your Pastor was honored with a Doctor of Divinity degree at the 85th commencement at Bob Jones University.   I was both humbled and honored at the same time.  Dr. Bruce McAllister, director of Ministerial Training, introduced me as he read a brief bio of your pastor.  Dr. Bob Jones spoke for a few minutes and then presented

March 24
Back Page:  March 25, 2012

Our annual Missions Conference is now behind us.  Praying for and financially supporting missionaries is an important part of the ministry here at Hardingville.   I was thinking about a number of the unspoken challenges that were issued in my own life as a result of these days of special focus.  As you give from week to week you help support

January 21
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    It is important that we recognize the power of an “invite.”  Besides a church service, there are many other activities here at HBC when  we can invite another to come in contact with other believers or under the sound of the Word.  A Gospel presentation is often given at such times.  Have you invited someone to church or a

November 19
Back Page: November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving week is upon us.  Family, feasting, and football will headline many homes in just a few short days.    May we learn to appreciate all that God has given to us and all that He has allowed in our lives.   In every circumstance [good or bad] we are to give thanks to our God. The HBC Ministry Statement: Hardingville Bible Church exists

October 8
Back Page: October 9, 2011

      Dale Oxley, faithful servant of Christ, was called home to glory on September 30; he was 85.  Dale and Betty went to Japan in 1952 and served as church planters for half a century.  They were supported by our church since the late 1950’s.  Liz and I attended the memorial service this past week in Hermitage, TN.  I

July 30
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 HBC Prayer Chain – Most of the Church prayer chain is by e-mail these days.  We have over 200 e-mail addresses and some numbers that we call.  If you have e-mail and want to be added to this list – please send a note to pastor pastor@hardingville.com   This will also add you to the Friday Notes and any other special

May 21
Back Page: May 22, 2011

We are deeply appreciative of the sacrificial giving of God’s people here at HBC this past Sunday for the building project at our school. This offering puts us that much closer to our goal as we look ahead to the summer months.  For some that may have missed last week, there are yellow envelopes in the pew.  Your special gift

May 14
Back Page: May 15, 2011

Remembering Anniversaries.   Three years ago today, I had my first ever surgery.  I had been diagnosed with cancer in March and further testing revealed metastases to the left lung.  A tumor and portion of my upper lobe was removed during that five hour, five day stay surgery.  It is easy to remember the pain of those days, those awful tubes,

March 13
Back Page: March 13, 2011

Missions is an important aspect of the ministry here at HBC.  We support 34 missionaries and look forward to our annual missions conference every spring.  You will appreciate and enjoy Dr. Bennett as he comes to minister at our annual Missions Conference (March 20-22). While not all sermons are uploaded to the church website, some are; visit www.hardingville.com. It is a blessing