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Saturday events The King's Kids will be bouncing at the "U" just before the Sr. High Teens start "hunting" at the the mall tomorrow. The kids will meet at church at 9:00 AM. The teens will gather at 3:30 PM. Thanks for all the leaders who come up with such creative events. We trust everyone will have a great time -

January 5
Back Page: January 6, 2013

     Thanks to all who helped with the Progressive Dinner this past week, especially those who opened their homes.  It was a good time of fellowship for all. We appreciate some year-end gifts to the ministry this past week.   Praise the Lord for $17,000 that was received for the ministry of our Christian School. Our Annual Business Meeting will be on the

December 29
Back Page: December 30, 2012

     This is the final Back Page of the year.  Many have appreciated this little column and several read it online at www.hardingville.com every week! May God grant us His blessing and favor as we look ahead to 2013. Winter Weekends at Tri-State Teens (grades 7-12) - January 11-12            Juniors (grades 4-8) - January 18-19 Get your registration form in today!         

October 6
Back Page: October 5, 2012

Men – pick up a brochure on the HBC Open and plan to invite a friend.  This has been a great day for golfers with prizes, a feast and a time of spiritual challenge. Did you know?  There were 806 visits to the church website this past month and 56% of them were new visitors.  The average visit was 1:38 minutes. 

December 24
Back Page: December 25, 2011

This is the final Back Page of the year.  Many have appreciated this little column each Sunday and several read it on line at www.hardingville.com each week.   This is also Christmas Day and our service is at 11 AM. Long had Satan reigned imperious, Till the woman’s promised Seed, Born a babe, by birth mysterious,  Come to bruise the serpent’s head. Crush

June 23
Back Page: June 26, 2011

This year for summer camp, we decided to do something a bit different and send our teens to The Wilds of New England instead of the original North Carolina version. Having been a community center for many years, the New Hampshire campsite became a Christian conference center but was later abandoned. Through a series of providential events, the director of

June 18
Back Page: June 19, 2011

There are a number of our young people involved in summer ministry at Christian camps.  We were able to pass along a small gift from a fund in the church to help these ones as they serve at camp this summer.  As the Lord brings them to mind please remember Joy Hibbard, Michele Zoback, Josh Netz, and Christin Schultz.  Although

April 2
Back Page: April 3, 2011

This little column called the Back Page was started by Pastor 18 years ago. The white space on the back of that church bulletin read:  This will be a new regular feature to our church bulletin each week.  I would like to share some things in writing with the entire congregation. Many have expressed appreciation for the comments, anecdotes, and

March 13
Back Page: March 13, 2011

Missions is an important aspect of the ministry here at HBC.  We support 34 missionaries and look forward to our annual missions conference every spring.  You will appreciate and enjoy Dr. Bennett as he comes to minister at our annual Missions Conference (March 20-22). While not all sermons are uploaded to the church website, some are; visit www.hardingville.com. It is a blessing